photo014 label.jpg

Good Morning Joe is a series of moving photographs, each animated using 35mm stills or 16mm. These short clips all culminate into an Augmented Reality app that turns a printed photo into a moving image. This project has a heavy emphasis on the use of analogue cameras, (as a stark contrast to the way in which it is presented) to engage a digital audience with celluloid media in a new way.



This project was created in response to the title Black Box / White Cube, which requires an exploration in displaying works of moving image without using a typical screening or instillation set up. So presenting these short clips, It is crucial to the experience to have a physical copy of one of the photographs or the Book. Below is a showcase of this work as both an exhibition piece and as a printed book.


Below is a short video of 'Good Morning Joe' being featured in an exhibition organised by art students in Brighton