Short Films.

Argentina route 40 - 2019

During my travel of Patagonia, Argentina, I created a short film of my road trip in exchange for a car rental with the company ‘Invernalia’.

The Paleto Score - 2018

This is a short film made within the ‘Rockstar Editor’ in their game Grand Theft Auto V. This software allows you to create your own movies, with complete control of camera, and all aspects of film making. this was an attempt on my part at working within a fully computer generated environment, and creating a filmic quality to the short.

Plaza Bluez - 2018

This film was created in collaboration with Zac Thomas, as an instillation piece exploring 'Sound and Vision'. Plaza Bluez is a two screen gallery instillation which aims to contextualise a fictional city through short snippets of adverts, radio shows and products we created. 

Designing and creating a series of canned food products was our starting point; from there we gathered footage, and implemented our adverts for fictional brands and products into the environments, using both sound and video to immerse the audience. I have used a lot of footage from my travels in this project, in an attempt to give the city life shots a very culturally diverse representation, and also to enhance the feel of a non specific futuristic city


This is the first shoot and first edit of a music video for the song PROJECTDONTDIE by Osquello and Decklan MCkenna. The plan for the shoot was to have a large crowd of people surrounding and attacking Osquello whilst he performed, however we only used two people in our initial shoot. Due to creative differences the video was never completed.

(Disclaimer - This is not the official video to PROJECTDONTDIE nor is it a finished product)

2016.12.11 - 2016

This short film was made as part of my University course, we were asked to respond to the theme of 'place'. My film is about the displacement of living alone for the first time, and is told through two interviews with a foreign student in England for the first time, talking about his experience starting a new life. 

Voicemail - 2015

This short is adapted from an hour long instillation piece, intended to be projected as a tryptic of inaudible interviews. This project is broadly part of my ‘Sonder’ film below, which focuses on disconnection and technology.

Sonder - 2015

This short film was made as part of my A level art course.

Maybe Fun - Osquello Fy Brian Nasty - 2015

This music video was created for the artist ‘Osquello’, a London based artist. This was his first released music video.