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‘The Wild Bunch’ is a short documentary shot over a 48 hour period, spent with one family who’s goal is to travel from Argentina to Mexico on horseback.

Mo, Angie, Iyan and Ingis; the wild bunch. We met deep in the Heart of Patagonia, Argentina, to find them shacked up in an old, dilapidated barn house. For the next 48 hours my partner and I would be travelling along side them, documenting the escapades of life in the desert.

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Our Journey was to reach the closest town, Esquel, Which took two full days of riding. With no water for miles, and a surrounding so baron, things became difficult very quickly. It was often hard to capture everything going on, when almost everything was an emergency.

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Since we left Patagonia, ‘the wild bunch’ have since fallen on hard times, having their only vehicle destroyed, running out of funds, and as a result, returning to a small camp site in the south of England. They hope to raise enough money to return to their horses, and to complete their journey.

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